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The most important factor any degree seeker who wants to buy a degree should take note of is his or her work experience. Without work experience, the individual would not be able to buy a college degree from Since we are more concerned about the quality of our degree holders, we have provided a system where prospective clients will be able to enter the details of their work experience for free assessment. We provide consultative assistance to the client even before he or she goes ahead to make any form of financial obligation to the institute.

We provide you with details of where you stand in terms of your work experience and some of the measures we have on offer that can assist you to qualify for the ‘buy degree’ program in case your work experience is not sufficient. In addition to that, you will also need to know our pricing range. Our main objective is not to offer degrees to only those who can afford it but to ensure that those who are in need of higher academic degrees are able to acquire degrees with little difficulty. With this goal in mind, our degree programs have been managed in such a way as to keep the financial cost involved at a very low level.

At, we usually say that degree seekers need sufficient years of work experience with which they can buy degree online. However, the evaluation, processing and mailing of the degree attracts some administrative expenses that need to be catered for. This is the reason why before you will receive your degree, will require that you pay a token fee to cater for the administrative expenses the institution incurred in the process of awarding you with a degree.

Buy a degree from an accredited college and you will receive full academic documents such as transcripts, academic references, certificates of distinction and a well designed degree that has all the security features required to keep fraudsters at bay. We also offer affordable Senior High School diploma services under this program. For less than $600, you can use your informal training program and your work experience to buy a degree online. However, with as little as $1999, one can buy a full PhD degree with thesis option from

This offer is exclusive to Most online institutions do not have the accreditation to run PhD degrees and as such cannot offer a ‘buy college degree’ program at this level. Even the very few that operate at this level cannot give you the option of buying a PhD with thesis option.

There are times where some degree seekers may want to buy a combination of degrees at a time. For example, a degree seeker may want to buy a bachelor’s degree and at the same time buy a master’s degree in order to increase his or her chances of building a successful career. makes this possible and even encourages such actions if the individual has substantial work experience. Those who choose to buy more than one degree at the same time can enjoy lucrative benefits from us.

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