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Career Development with a Work Experience Degree

How does it sound if you were to be able to use the experience you have gained at work to acquire any level of academic recognition? If you think that sounds great then wait till you hear what Affordable degrees has to offer. is the home of primetime online education. This institution has been at the fore-front of modern day higher education through its expertly designed online educational system. Through the several years of experience, hard work and dedication to the success of distance education, Affordable degrees has made it possible for degree seekers to achieve their dreams of acquiring degrees without having to study for it.

Imagine the luxury of sitting out lectures but still being able to acquire a degree that carries the same weight as those held by people who had to jump from one classroom to the other. If only you are interested, Affordable degrees will enable you to acquire a degree easily. This is not just an empty promise as many individuals have come to experience at firsthand. It is essential to remember that one cannot give you what one does not have.

This should be your guiding mantra when looking for an online institution that will enable you to gain a degree without having to study for it. At, we have all we need to be able to take an individualís work experience and then present the person with an academic degree equivalent to the practical knowledge the person possesses. We are successful at doing this through our widely accepted work experience degree program.

Traditional campus based degree programs aim at equipping people with the skills and knowledge that will help them make a meaningful contribution to the job market. When the individual has demonstrated substantial knowledge in a particular field, he or she is awarded a degree equivalent to the knowledge obtained.

The degree serves as prove of the training the person has undergone and a key to the job market. On the other hand, the work experience degree program works the other way round. The skills and knowledge needed by an individual are obtained not in the classroom but in the job market. After which what the individual obtains from the job market is used to obtain an academic degree. Over here, the work experience degree can either create a new career path for the degree holder or it can serve as a stepping stone to higher managerial levels.

Aside the fact that people who opt for the work experience degree do not have to undergo formal training before they get their hands on the degrees, many people often wonder if there is any other added advantage associated with the college credit for work experience degree program.

The advantages associated with the work experience degree are enormous. There is the direct benefit to the employee or the degree seeker but then the employer also benefits greatly when employees utilize the work experience degree program.

In the case of the employer

In so many organizations, employers and employees are constantly engaged in a tussle especially when it comes to the issue of further studies for employees. Employers most often do not want to lose their most trusted and hard working employees not even for a short time. Such employers are hesitant to grant employees request to engage in further studies.

They wish to keep their employees even against the wish of these employees so that the company may benefit. But that adversely affects the career of the employee and ultimately reduces productivity in the organization. By endorsing educational systems that award college credits for achievements and training programs at work, employers can be certain of keeping their employees while at the same time developing the career of their workers.

Since high level institutions like Affordable degrees require a substantial amount of work experience in order to provide the degree seeker with a degree that will pave the way to a golden future, employees will be firmly dedicated to their work. They would even be prepared to take up extra loads upon themselves so as to increase their chances of getting a degree.

Employee Benefits

The college credit for work experience degree program allows workers to fully concentrate on their day to day activities knowing very well that on-the-job training programs, seminars and work experience will help them acquire the degree that will push them up the promotional ladder. Due to the work experience degree, degree seekers can take their destinies into their own hands.

One can change his or her career paths at will; all the fellow is required to do is to gather experience in a field related to the career he or she intends to break into. These experiences can be presented to in exchange for a degree. The work experience degree will therefore help put the degree seeker one step ahead of the job market.

People familiar with the unstable trend of the job market will confirm that from time to time, demand for a particular skill or expertise may either rise or fall. Workers may increase their suitability for a particular job offer by simply seeking a work experience degree from a reputable institution like Affordable degrees.

The fact that a worker may be able to use his or her work experience to acquire credits equivalent to what years of academic work can achieve will free the mind of the worker to gather more of work experience which is what employers actually want. Employers always want job seekers to demonstrate their competence; a distinguished service in the job market serves as prove of the job seekerís potentials.

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