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Why Choose Affordable Degrees?

Affordable Degrees provides verifiable and authentic degrees from Rochville University. Rochville University is a fully accredited university where you can start by placing an order for as low as $349 only!
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Why you should get your degrees from Rochville University?
Thousands of students choose Rochville University for their degrees because:


  • The only Fully Accredited University providing degrees based on prior experience

    Rochville University is an institution legally accredited by the world's most trusted accrediting agencies such as BOUA and UCOEA. No other online university awarding life experience degrees is fully accredited by these agencies. Accreditation from BOUA and UCOEA signifies Rochville's standard of education and its commitment towards genuine and credible experience based degrees.

    Click here to learn more about Rochville's accreditation.

  • Why Rochville University does Not Sell degrees from its own website?

    Rochville is a legally accredited institution strictly following the protocols of accreditation. According to these protocols, no online university can sell degrees from its own website. That is why Rochville University, being an accredited institution, does not sell degrees from its own website. Universities that sell degrees from their own website lose their credibility in the long run and are consequently not looked upon with respect by most employers and educational institutions.

  • Lifetime Credential Verification Services

    Unlike other online universities that do not offer credential verification services, Rochville provides Lifetime Credential Verification Service so that employer and educational institution can get prompt information and verification whenever they require.

    Click here to learn more about credential verification services.

Read the comparison chart to know why Affordable Degrees prefers
Rochville for its customers:

Rochville University Other Universities
Fully accredited from a reputable accrediting agency
Not accredited
Doesn’t sell degrees from its own website which makes the earned degrees more credible and authentic
Sell degrees from their own sites
Provides complete lifetime verification of your credentials when inquired by your employer or educational institution through easy verification system Not offered

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