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Prior Learning Assessment Program; Knowledge Today Degree Tomorrow

In order for affordable degrees to award academic degrees to individuals who have not undergone formal tertiary level education, the institution needs to study the previous training programs embarked on by the fellow and then quantify such knowledge in order to find its academic equivalence.

The procedure for assessing the previous knowledge of a degree seeker is what is often referred to as the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program. Based on the outcome of the assessment conducted on an individual’s previous learning, the fellow would be awarded with a degree.

Affordable degrees, if after assessing your previous learning programs, comes to the conclusion that you have enough experience that will merit the award of a bachelor’s degree, the institution will provide a legitimate bachelor’s degree to you.

However, if the institution thinks that the fellow needs to work more towards increasing his or her work experience, Affordable degrees will present the fellow with an Associate degree. Associate degrees presented on the basis of prior learning can be used by the recipient to apply for a higher position within his or her area of work.

The fellow can even use this degree to seek a new job which will have better conditions of service and come with improved remuneration. Subsequently, the person may work to gain more experience after which he or she can add such experience to the associate degree with the hope of getting a higher degree under the prior learning assessment program.

Furthermore, the prior learning assessment program ran by Affordable degrees has been a viable option for most people who have had an illustrious career but have not had the chance of going back to school in order to earn higher degrees.

With the prior learning assessment program, a master’s degree or even a doctorate is just a call away. Workers who are highly committed to their work would be rewarded with monetary gains by their employers but the best reward for that level of hard work will come in the form of a work experience degree awarded by Affordable degrees., through its prior learning assessment program, improves the quality of life of any individual who takes advantage of this great program.

A degree from an accredited institution is equivalent in value to any other degree irrespective of whether it was obtained using the degree seeker’s previous knowledge or after several hours of test-taking.

This is the reason why Affordable degrees has ensured that there is no distinction between the degrees it rewards to individuals based on previous knowledge and those it presents to people who have sat through its virtual classroom program. And since the name ‘Affordable degrees’ has come to stand for quality in the educational sector, people who hold degrees from will be able to compete favorably with any other degree holder from the traditional universities.

At Affordable degrees, there is a team of experts that will be at the disposal of the degree seeker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The essence of this form of arrangement is to ensure that degree seekers are adequately guided through the process of obtaining a degree based on prior learning. Many individuals have found themselves in positions where they carry degrees in fields they do not have any knowledge off.

This situation arises when the institution that offers to award the degree fails to provide expert advice to the degree seeker. Affordable degrees quickly but very carefully assesses the applicant in order to know the area of expertise of the person before awarding him or her with a degree.

The institution will also confer with the degree seeker in order to know the career aspiration of the person. All these will help affordable degrees to present a prior learning assessment degree that will be useful to the individual.

As a degree seeker who has a big dream to achieve, will help you to achieve your dream with ease through the provision of the desired academic degree. It is the sort of cordial working relationship that ‘Affordable degrees’ establishes with its clients that makes this unique online educational institute a wonderful place to acquire a degree.

The prior learning assessment program may be a relatively young educational venture but the effectiveness and successes chalked by prior learning assessment degree holders has significantly increased the level of confidence employers have in this degree program. Most people are actively working to earn a degree so that they would gain very good jobs.

With a high level of employers expressing their satisfaction with the prior learning assessment degree program, it is clear that this program has the potential of cutting down the unemployment figures whiles helping those who are already actively employed to progress in their chosen fields.

It is unfortunate that in spite of the important role prior learning has to play in putting an individual in a position where he or she would be able to exercise the right judgment for the benefit of society; traditional educational programs do not recognize previous learning experiences.

The prior learning assessment program is the only known assessment program that recognizes the fact that both formal and informal training combines to improve the efficiency of workers. One advantage of rewarding previous learning programs with educational degrees is that, it encourages the fellow to seek additional knowledge bearing in mind that in future, he or she would be able to use that knowledge to acquire higher academic credentials.

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