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Apply For an Honorary Doctorate to Increase Your Social Status

The majority of accredited institutions have an honorary degree program. In this program, the institution is able to confer a degree usually a doctorate on an individual or group of persons adjudged to have distinguished themselves in their area of expertise.

Whereas the honorary degree program does not have much of a value in terms of assisting the individual to obtain a job, it is considered as a very important degree with a high value in society. After all, the essence of this program is to reward professional excellence in a way that is seen as unique and would last a lifetime.

A careful look at all the individuals who have received honorary degrees from reputable institutions will show that the vast majority of these people are individuals who do not need jobs, monetary gifts or promotions in their place of work. In most cases, these are people, who through hard work, perseverance and some shrewd business practices have established companies that employ a great number of people.

Aside the academic and professional lifestyle of the individual, the person should have an impeccable character worthy of emulation. Once you stand tall in the midst of your compatriots in these areas, there is a high chance that an academic institution will approach you with the view of presenting you with an honorary doctorate.

The problem, however is that, even though the number of institutions of higher learning has seen an astronomical increase, the number of individuals who continue to distinguish themselves and as such qualify to receive an honorary degree remains quite high. It may be very difficult to gain the attention of universities in a society filled with a lot of celebrities, politicians and worthy individuals. But this should not prevent you from achieving your dream of getting your name on a doctorate degree. has for several years now been actively involved in the presentation of honorary doctorate degrees to those individuals who deserve to have them. is affiliated to Rochville University, a fully accredited institution of higher learning. By this fact, the institution is eligible to identify and recognize the professional contribution of people who have gone out of their way to ensure that our world remains a better place to live in.

Instead of limiting its honorary degree program to the very few people it can assess and reward on yearly basis, Affordable degrees has opened up the program to all qualified persons. This degree awarding institution recognizes the fact that when it comes to the award of honorary degrees, there are so many people who are eligible but are unable to get their hands on such a degree simply because no institution has approached them with such an offer.

The fact that you have not had an offer from a reputable institution does not mean that you do not qualify for an honorary degree. Affordable degrees have re-designed its honorary degree program in a way as to allow those who feel they qualify to directly apply to the institution.

Upon receipt of all important documents from the degree seeker, Affordable degrees will then hand offer the documents to its team of reputable assessors who will then decide, using a laid down standard, whether the individual qualifies for an honorary degree or not.

The honorary degree is usually presented in the form of a masterís or doctorate. Based on the extent of the personís work experience and achievements, Affordable degrees will either present you with an honorary masterís degree or an honorary doctorate degree. Whiles these degrees will have no bearing on your academic prowess, they will surely help to boost your self confidence and make you stand proud as someone whose achievements have attracted the attention of a legitimate institution of higher learning.

Honorary doctorate degree holders from are entitled to use the prefix ĎDrí before their names. This is the standard practice in all institutions of higher learning that award doctorate degrees. For many people who have acquired honorary doctorate degrees from affordable degrees and have had the unique privilege of adding the title ĎDrí to their names, they have nothing but praises for and its unique honorary degree program.

Most of these people have used the degrees from Affordable degrees as a way of increasing their social status. You do not necessarily need any significant level of education to be able to earn an honorary degree. All that is required is for you to excel in whatever you do and leave the rest to to take up your previous knowledge and complement your efforts with a higher degree. has absorbed a significant part of the financial cost involved in seeking an honorary degree. Since this degree is meant to award excellence, it is not designed for the benefits of the highest bidder. ensures that no matter your current financial status, you would be able to acquire an honorary degree. The institution charges a small amount of money that is meant to take care of administrative expenses involved in the processing of the request for an honorary doctorate, printing and mailing the degree to the recipient.
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