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Education Verification Services

When you order your Degree from Affordable Degrees, you ensure that it
is being granted by an accredited university. No matter where you submit
your degrees, the education verification services provided by Rochville
University back you to ensure that your documents are treated with

In the United States of America, 20% of all employers require job applicants to verify their educational documents with a letter from the registrar’s office of the college/university that issued them. Job applicants, when asked to submit such verifications, ask their college/university to send those educational documents to their prospective employers either through postal mail, FAX, or e-mail.

You are provided complete education verification service through the most wide-ranging methods. Now your educational institution or employer can get your credentials verified through the following mediums:

Phone verification
Your employer or institute can call us directly anytime to verify your credentials.
Verification Letters
The Degree package you order from Affordable Degrees includes
four copies of an education verification letter issued by Rochville
University. You can provide this letter to your employer or education institute while submitting your documents.

Click here to view the sample verification letter
Email Verification
On your request; we can email required documents to your
employer or institution.
Fax Verification
Your credentials can always be faxed on the fax number you provide

If you’d like to view how your educational documents will be verified upon clicking the link given in the education verification letter, kindly click here.
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Free Credential
Verification Service
(24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week)

Rochville University now
provides Free Credential
Verification Service on
phone to your educational
institution or employer.

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