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How to Deal With the Issue of Fake College Degrees

There is nothing more disappointing than for one to spend time, effort and money in acquiring a degree and when it is time for that degree to yield dividends, the degree holder would be told that the degree he or she is holding is a fake degree that is not recognized.

The issue of fake college degrees is a global problem that cuts across both online institutions and the traditional campus based institutions. On the global scale, fake degrees have been reported to cost degree seekers and legitimate institutions a lot of money annually. The huge amount of revenue generated from the sale of illegitimate degrees end up in the pockets of perpetrators of such scam.

Affordable degrees go to a great deal of length to ensure that the degrees offered to degree seekers are strictly legitimate and recognized. The institution is affiliated with Rochville University and as such, all degrees presented by affordable degrees are with the permission of Rochville University. As an affiliate of Rochville University, Affordable degrees come with the same sort of high standards expected of Rochville University degrees.

If factors such as the relative low cost of degree programs, convenience and speed at which online degree programs can be completed have influenced your decision to earn a degree online, then you would need to turn to Affordable degrees as the home of legitimate online degrees. People who seek their degrees from Affordable degrees are able to drastically cut down their risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters who offer nothing but fake college degrees.

The issue of fake degrees usually comes in two parts; in the first part we have a number of institutions that are currently operating without accreditation. Accreditation is a very important aspect of all educational institutions. Accreditation is usually presented to an academic institution after a recognized body has inspected the facilities, curriculum and mode of operation of the institution and found it to conform with laid down standards.

The level of the accreditation body behind the institution will determine the sort of recognition degree holders from that institution will receive when they step out onto the job market. There are cases where certain institutions that are accredited by local accreditation bodies present themselves as international institutions with world-wide recognition. Degrees from such institutions cannot be classified as fake college degrees but cannot also be used as a means of acquiring international jobs.

With Affordable degrees, individuals have no problem with accreditation. Affordable degreesí parent institution is duly recognized by two top accreditation bodies;

  • Board of Online Universities Accreditation
  • Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation

These two institutions have firmly placed their seal of recognition on Rochville University thereby guaranteeing the legitimacy of all degrees presented by Rochville and Affordable degrees. has proudly stated the institutions that have accredited its degree programs because of the high standards and very tight rules of these two accreditation bodies. Everyone who is well versed in the educational sector is very aware of the fact that the Board of Online Universities Accreditation and Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation have such high standards that only a limited number of institutions are able to meet the organizationsí requirements.

There are several institutions that have the mandate to assess educational institutions and then offer them the needed accreditation. Degree seekers should be on the lookout and must validate the authenticity of the institution which has accredited the online university they hope to receive their degrees from. If the online university is hesitant on releasing details of its accreditation, it should raise red flags about the institution. In such a situation, the degree seeker could be one step away from acquiring a fake college degree.

Furthermore, the second part of the fake college degree problem faced by most degree seekers seems to be the most common. In this instance, degree seekers would receive fake degrees that are designed to bear the name and logo of legitimate institutions.

A large number of legitimate online institutions have suffered negatively due to the activities of unscrupulous persons who hide in their homes and offices to design and submit fake degrees to clients when they have not been mandated to do so. Affordable degrees have taken extra steps at addressing this problem by increasing the security features on its degrees.

This is to make it very difficult for counterfeiters to produce copies for onward distribution to degree seekers. In addition, the institution has embarked on an educational program that seeks to raise public awareness on the harm caused by illegitimate institutions that award fake degrees to people.

Rochville University and its affiliate institution, Affordable degrees, entreats all degree seekers who are hoping to lay hands on its highly recognized degrees to deal solely with the institution without the need to use any middle man or agency. The institution also advices degree seekers to conduct business with the institution through its official contact address presented on its official websites.

Taking these steps will ensure that every person who obtains a degree from Affordable degrees will have at his or her disposal, a recognized academic document that will bring immense career opportunities.

The battle against fake college degrees should be a collective effort that should involve legitimate institutions as well as individuals who are looking to obtain recognized academic degrees.

Rochville University and its affiliate institutions are actively involved in putting an end to the activities of degree fraudsters. This is one reason why every degree seeker should turn to Affordable degrees for high quality internationally accredited degrees.

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