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Affordable Degrees Associate Program provides you an opportunity to improve and enhance your business prospects and hence augment your overall revenues. Below we have given comprehensive detail of the complete process for your better understanding:

  • Filling out the Application Form

    In the first step the applicant will need to complete our simple application form with personal and professional information. The application form lets us have a clear idea about an applicant’s personal details such as name, address and phone number along with the number of applications and number of students that s/he is expected to bring in every month. The information provided in the application form must be precise and accurate.

  • Evaluating the Form

    Our eminent evaluation team then looks into the application submitted by the interested candidate to check his/her eligibility. Once chosen, the applicant is given complete information about the discount s/he would be getting, being an Associate of Affordable Degrees.

  • What is discount?

    Discount is the reduced fee that we offer to our Associates. The discount structure is precisely based on the number of students’ application that an Associate would bring in each month. For instance, if an applicant is permitted to get 25% discount, s/he will get degree and diploma packages at 25% reduced price.

  • Procedure Begins

    From the moment an applicant becomes our Associate, s/he can start sending students’ applications with required details to Affordable Degrees. The Associate would charge actual amount, at which we offer degrees and diplomas, from the students. After keeping his/her share from the amount charged, the Associate can pay us the discounted price as per initial understanding.

The students referred to Affordable Degrees by the Associate will be able to check the status of their application at our website. We assign a dedicated area for this purpose. Moreover, we also allocate a dedicated associate area to our Associates, which help them to supervise accounts of their students in a hassle-free manner.



We celebrate our diversity, thanks to our students who come from all countries and walks of life. From working adults, military veterans, home-schooled to disabled and home-bound people, we are catering to the educational requirements of different sets of people.

All you need is to fill out our simple form. If you fulfil our requirements you are through.

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  • Minimum Administraion
  • No website needed
  • Dedicated Area to Manage Student's Account
  • Get Associate Certificate.
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Terry Chandler

Affordable Degrees Associate Program has not only proved to be a great help to the students but to us also. We earned great revenues in the form of commission while students got accredited degrees in their required field of studies.

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